Streamlining business processes and increasing productivity are fundamental concerns for any organization; capturing, managing and distributing many forms of unstructured documents and "content" being generated continuously in the course of business, diverts significant time from an organizations' mission-critical objectives. The management of documents and records is therefore a crucial requirement for corporate growth and survival. Advance Micro Technologies (AMT), a company of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) professionals has proven solutions to your Organisation's ECM needs.
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  • DocuWare ECM Solutions
    DocuWare ECM Solutions
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  • Kofax Capture Solutions
    Kofax Capture Solutions .
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  • Kodak Imaging Scanners
    Kodak Imaging Scanners
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  • Secugen Biometric Solutions
    Secugen Biometric Solutions
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  • HP Servers & Workstations
    HP Servers & Workstations
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